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Name:Katherine Williams



Pragmatic, arrogant, sadistic and caustic.


Her fanged maker, Christine, still exists somewhere, as does her most favourite vampiric progeny, Caroline.


Extreme proficiency with killing/torture instruments and techniques. Possesses a healthy sense of paranoia. Is intelligent enough to go for a critical strike, rather than waste time gloating. Her favourite weapons come in the shape of two hook swords and a whip of metal cord, often disguised as a belt, whilst she has no qualms about using firearms of virtually any description.


Can be distracted by a challenge or easy target. Would like few things more than to add to her kill tally of Slayers or even turn one. Possesses the skull of one in a sealed, metal case, which she regards as a highly valuable possession (very difficult to obtain, but could be used as leverage over her). Apparently has a protective streak for prostitutes, due to her maker's profession. Can be tempted into letting a victim live, if the promise of entertainment through torture seems to be available.


Welcome to America, 1902...

Katherine Williams, 'Kitty' to her father and close friends, grew up in one of those households which had at least one full-time domestic servant at the time. A financially secure family, her father's business was in trade, but matters took a heavy toll when her natural mother contracted tuberculosis and wasted away to eventual death. Some time later, Katherine's father came to the decision of retiring on their accumulated fortune, in order for the both of them to start a new life.

Unfortunately, it seemed that chaos had other ideas in mind. For once the train journey had been completed, the horse-driven wagon procession with them and all their worldly goods was attacked. Katherine may have had a more disturbing fate in store, were it not for the group of bandits shooting her in the process.

With her father killed, the wagons plundered for anything of value, heavier items like furniture destroyed for the sheer fun of it and Katherine left to slowly die as the only survivor, the young woman could feel her life ebbing away. The terrible heat of the day baking down upon the carnage, with the only strength still left in her, Katherine just about managed to painfully lift herself upon the only remaining horse and fled in the direction of the next town they were to have stopped at. Perhaps if she could get to the authorities there, tell them what happened, maybe she could get the satisfaction of knowing those that had taken everything from her of worth would be hunted down - the only thoughts which were sustaining her through the pain.

But by the time she made it there, death's door was opening.

Lights and sounds of merriment from people indoors enjoying the warmth of friendship and alcohol were there, but they meant little to Katherine by then; her gaze losing focus, one hand clutching abdomen and the other weakly on reins of the horse.

She was shaking by the time a prostitute found her, feeling utterly cold from blood loss and the cool desert air. But Katherine couldn't care less about their profession. They'd been able to take her off the saddle, even as she muttered feverishly about what had happened.

"Shh... S'alright, darlin'. You're gonna' be just fine..."

The next thing she knew, Katherine found herself in a bed. Eyes had blinked, arm reaching out and up to face in the darkness, as they adjusted. The woman was still there, pink feather in hair

It was the following evening, they explained. Katherine trying to raise up as she did so, only to find that she was still weak. But it was fine, she was safe now, the other tenderly elaborated. A touch given to cheek with a strangely soothing response. The anger over what had come to pass was still there, though. Stronger, even, than she had felt at any other time in her life. Enough to make her want to go and track them down herself.

"You can go do that, darlin'. After all," the woman reassured, sitting next to her on the bed. Hand tenderly placed gently to Katherine's forehead. "We're family now..."

And the smile returned was one of crested brow and fangs.

Katherine had been saved, yes. Saved by a vampire's kiss.

After that night, it was time to learn. And learn Katherine did. She had a purpose now. A genuine incentive. The one who made her... She taught her well, too. Good enough to turn the once-good girl into a force of death. And good enough, in the upcoming weeks, for Katherine to have found and affirmed the identity of her erstwhile murderers

They all suffered long deaths after that - and Katherine found it amusing, ultimately, for them to be crucified by a vampire.

Some years after that, Katherine and her maker parted ways. There was no hostility. They just had other diversions to attend to in unlife. Besides which, 'Kitty' had developed something of a talent for viciousness and there was a world of opportunity out there for someone like her. Someone... Talented.

One Slayers killed. Two eaten. The second had been killed in a simple accident, but that hadn't stopped Katherine from yanking the girl's head back and draining the essence right out of her until corpse was dry. The first, however, had been a case of setting a gang of others on her would-be opponent, only to enter the fray and turning on them. The poor girl was exhausted by the end of it and, shaking her apparent saviour by the hand was the Slayer's mistake... Katherine had well and truly transformed from socialising young woman to a formidable killer. One who didn't necessarily care if her choice of victim was human, either, so long as they provided an entertaining enough distraction.

By the fifties, she met with Caroline. A mischief-minded girl who had just been kicked out of Catholic school. Caroline's parents had thought it would have had a calming effect on her - it had only resulted in the opposite. But upon Katherine's true nature being revealed Caroline's eyes couldn't open wide enough to contain her excitement. Far from fear, she was positively elated by the idea.

And so began a relationship built on fire and chaos. Their dynamic more or less coming down to Caroline usually acting like a kitten on a sugar rush and Katherine as coiled viper. Still, though, as much fun as they had, it wasn't exactly a marriage and, after a decade or so, they began to grow apart. Not through boredom, but as with Katherine and her own maker, just rediscovering their mutual independence. Matters between them remained much along those lines... The pair alternatively wandering apart and then crossing paths again, without ever planning to.

Now, with spike-heeled boots and an affinity with chainsaws, it was time for somewhere else to be where Katherine next makes her mark.
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